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Guiding brands to Market Leadership in Google

The Result

All my Clients are now Traffic-Leader of their Category


Europe’s biggest Bike Sharing Business

The results speak for themselves. We've ben able to grow organic traffic from 8.000 to 50.000 a month. The monthly traffic value has risen to 41.000€ and we generate about 5x more traffic than the currently strongest competitor Call a Bike by Deutsche Bahn.

Position 1: Bike Sharing Berlin


Organic Clicks


Monthly Traffic Value


more than #2

Nextbike Bike Sharing
Nextbike Fahrradverleih Anbieter Kunde
Placetel Cloud Telefonanlage Endgeräte
Placetel Backend Interface
Placetel auf Mobilgeräten
Placetel by Cisco

Germany’s leading Cloud Phone System

The team of Placetel by Cisco and I have the longest relationship which is why the results are the most impressive. We've managed to grow organic traffic by 1300%, from then 11.000 clicks per month to now 135.000. The traffic value equals 223.000€ a month and we generate about 3x as much traffic as the strongest competitor fonial.

Position 1: Cloud Phone System


Organic Clicks


Monthly Traffic Value


more than #2

How about some proof? Numbers, graphs and statements of my clients

“Within a very short time, we have been placed ahead of the competition at every location without exception - and have thus become the most visible supplier in our industry.”

Christoph BarthHead of Marketing, Nextbike

“With Bernard's help we arrived to the top and with him we will stay there. 5 years of collaboration speak for themselves in today's agency world.”

Michael RaussenHead of Marketing, Placetel

“Bernard's concepts are innovative, progressive and successful. The collaboration has resulted in a significant visibility boost and positioned us above everyone else.”

Bartek BartoszewiczGeschäftsführer, Bartek Motorsport

“What am I supposed to say? We're now on Position 1 and have overtaken all of our competitors. What more can you ask for?”

Andreas NiederwipperGeschäftsführer, jobwrk

The three Pillars of Success.


Free, relevant, and long-term traffic via Google. The brand that dominates Search is perceived as the market leader of its category.


Content is the Atomic Particle of Communication. I help create content that satisfies, ranks and converts.


Reputation is crucial, to convert visitors to customers. I show how to become the most respected brand online.


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